Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Welcome to the Motion Engineer Corner. I'm hoping that this blog will become a useful resource for design engineers in the motion control industry, and in other similar industries.

The focus, at least initially, will be on solutions to technical problems commonly encountered in our industry. I'll keep an eye open for new products that seem particularly novel or promising, either as materials for components, as components in assemblies, or as design tools. I'll also look for clever new design ideas that readers might be able to apply to their own assemblies; and I'll occasionally dredge up old ideas that might otherwise be forgotten.

But, to a certain degree, I'll let the conversation go in whatever direction it naturally leads, and I'm hoping for some constructive input from readers in the comments…should we actually have readers, eventually. Please let me know what interests you.

Some constructive suggestions for topics might include:

A new product that you recently found, that you think might be particularly useful;

An issue that affects design engineers professionally, like H1B visa issues, or salary, or job availability;

A story or anectdote related to design engineering.

Suggestions that I'd consider less constructive and would not want to incorporate into our discussion might include:

Who's going to win American Idol this time;

Why Motorhead is underappreciated for their musicianship;

Anything related to Kim Kardashian's butt.

…While this last verboten topic might actually have some interesting engineering issues associated with it (how does she actually avoid falling over backward?), these technical issues would be outweighed by the more prurient aspects of the topic; and while I'll try to make this blog entertaining, I'll also try to make it sfw.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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